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Exchange between BZU students and Palestinian students from 1948

On the 29th of November, about 20 Palestinian students from universities inside Israel visited Birzeit University for a day of...
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Banner drop for Palestine Right to Education Week

On Thursday 27th November Action Palestine dropped a banner from a bridge over Oxford Road, which read "ISRAEL: END OCCUPATION, ALLOW...
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Academic freedom and Israel’s Siege of Gaza

About two weeks ago, the World Health Organization co-sponsored a conference in Gaza, entitled "Seige and Mental Health"....
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‘Know your Rights’ at Birzeit University

Amany Nabut, Student, Birzeit University, 15 September 2008 The Birzeit University R2E Campaign's KYR training started with a lawyer...
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Education Denied – Darkening the Minds

"In the summer of 2007, during the vacation between finishing my Masters and starting my doctorate at the University of Illinois, I...
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PACBI: Academic Freedom – not supported in Israel

In July 2008, four Israeli academics announced an initiative to secure the endorsement of senior academics at institutions of higher...
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Palestinians return to school in spite of hardships

As one million Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip prepare to return to school next week, UN agencies and the...
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At-Tuwani Children’s March to Tuba A Success

At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills: On August 2nd, more than one hundred children and their parents from the South Hebron Hills marched...
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Academics protest at army bar on Palestinians

Israeli universities are heading for a serious confrontation with the country's military after protesting that severely restrictive...
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Academic Freedom: For whom?

The meaning of "academic freedom" is fairly obvious. It is something that is associated with democratic societies, and it is...
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