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Right to Education

Birzeit student speaks out: barriers to education and the “Right To Education”

Written by admin  •  Saturday, 29.01.2011, 14:17

Being a part of “Right To Education “ Campaign is such a thing that gives you this motivation and confident to keep working and working in order to show everyone their rights to have a proper education.

Being a student is a challenge , but being a Palestinian student is an extraordinary challenge.  Problems , barriers and challenges we Palestinians face every day in order to get education is not imaginable by any normal human being who has all the rights of education.

As being a students at Birzeit University , personally , I’ve faced so many barriers during my educational years , starting with checkpoints , to not being able to travel either abroad or inside “ the occupied territories “ to get training programs , and ending with not allowing professors entering the country to teach in the university.

Right to education campaign is my way to transfer the image of difficulties we’re having in Palestine to get education to as many countries as possible , in order to make an international movement to change the situation and gain some educational freedom

I strongly believe that the right to education and learn MUST be available to every human being as stated in the international law. Education is one of the basic rights to have a decent life , so everyone has to have at least basic rights in life !!

Ahmed Yasin (Birzeit Universitz – Accounting Dep.)

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