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Birzeit University Right to Education Campaign calls upon Cornell University to respect human rights and withdraw from its partnership with Technion

In light of news that Cornell University has engaged in a joint bid with Israel’s Technion Israel Institute of Technology to build a...
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Israeli academic banned from German conference by Netanyahu

Israel has barred a Israeli academic from taking part in a science symposium in Berlin on Thursday that was part of prime minister...
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Overwhelming US support for onslaught was given in prejudicial disregard of Palestinian perspective — Scholars

We, the undersigned Directors of the International Council for Middle East Studies (ICMES), join the international community in...
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Amid censure of left-leaning politics, Israeli university urged to ‘rectify faults’

Over the years, some of Ben-Gurion University's Department of Politics and Government's staffers have been labeled radical leftists...
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Will Upgrading West Bank College Boost Boycott Movement?

JERUSALEM — A decision by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “strengthen higher education in the State of Israel,” as he put...
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Strike cripples education in occupied West Bank

The Palestinian Teachers’ Union has gone on strike in protest at the delay in the payment of salaries. Classes in all public...
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Four of five speakers pull out of UNESCO conference honoring Israel’s Peres at University of Connecticut

A “human rights” conference at the University of Connecticut was in disarray after almost all the speakers pulled out. The...
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The full story behind the war against free speech in Israel’s universities

Is Ben Gurion University being punished because its head has opposed upgrading the status of a college in an Israeli settlement?
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Reflections on Noam Chomsky’s visit to Gaza

Renowned linguistics professor Noam Chomsky has been in Gaza for a few days now. Chomsky was invited by the Islamic University of Gaza...
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US professors organization solicits articles with argument for endorsing BDS campaign

This is an open letter sent by Barbara Harvey to friends. She allowed us to publish it here. -Ed. Dear friends and academic supporters...
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