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Right to Education

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Open letter from Al-Haq in support of the Right to Education

General Director of Al-Haq, Randa Siniora, shows support for students fighting for their right to education in an open letter to Col....
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Demand a formal investigation into Israel’s killing of An-Najah Porfessor and his 16 year old son

Amr Salah, a United States citizen living in Massachusetts asks for your help in demanding a formal investigation into the deaths of...
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Ithaca College hold lecture on defending the right to education in Palestine

Two members of the Ithaca community discussed the barriers to higher education in Palestine yesterday. The lecture titled, "Caged...
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Israel prevent Gazans studying in the West Bank from extending residency permits

Amira Hass, from Haaretz, looks into the discriminationary tactics employed by Israel in order to prevent the right to education in...
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Intervention to UN Commission on Human Rights regarding the right to education

Text of the written intervention submitted to the UN Commission on Human Rights by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies and...
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Open letter from Hamoked regarding the right of Gazan students to study in the West Bank

An open letter to Minister of Defence, Mr. Shaul Mofaz, regarding the right of Gazan students to study at West Bank universities by...
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Sealing their fate: A conference and photo exhibition regarding the wall’s implications for Palestinian life

Information regarding a conference and photo exhibition taking place on Sunday 23rd January 2005 at 3pm regarding the impact of the...
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Birzeit University Students Call for Solidarity with Palestinian Political Prisoners

Student Council, Birzeit University, 23 August 2004 Birzeit University students and the Right to Education Campaign are calling for...
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Let’s Bring the Wall Down

We decided to go on hunger strike to focus the attention of people world wide on the intolerable situation in the Palestinian...
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The Under-reporting of Israel’s Repression of Palestinian Education

Although the media does report on the Israeli imposed internal closures of the West Bank towns, the effects of this closure on...
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