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Statement from the Right to Education Campaign at Birzeit University, January 2018

Ongoing Israeli Policies to Disrupt and Isolate Palestinian Higher Education

To Members of Global Civil Society and Academia: Birzeit University, a Palestinian institution of higher learning, is currently facing...
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Letter of support to the Association of Asian American Studies

We wrote a letter of support to the Association of Asian American Studies in recognition of their courage to take a stand through...
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Birzeit University Right to Education Campaign calls upon Cornell University to respect human rights and withdraw from its partnership with Technion

In light of news that Cornell University has engaged in a joint bid with Israel’s Technion Israel Institute of Technology to build a...
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Education ministry to high school students: help with hasbara

Israel’s Ministry of Education sent a special communication to high school principals throughout the country on Tuesday, calling on...
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Dancing Israeli students chant “Death to the Arabs” at rally backing Gaza slaughter

Ninety percent of Jewish Israelis support the assault on Gaza, poll shows.
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“May your children die, you dogs”: As Gaza burns, Israelis bay for blood in streets of Tel Aviv

On Israeli campuses, Palestinians calling for peace confronted with calls for "death to the Arabs."
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Israeli Arabs fume at plans to reward schools for IDF enlistment

New program to incentivize schools according to a number of criteria including matriculation results, drop-out rates and absorption of...
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Amid censure of left-leaning politics, Israeli university urged to ‘rectify faults’

Over the years, some of Ben-Gurion University's Department of Politics and Government's staffers have been labeled radical leftists...
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Parents in Nazareth Illit: ‘There is no need for our children to be educated with Arabs’

Only few days ago Haaretz published disturbing, though not surprising, survey that was conducted among Jewish Israelis, where most...
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Will Upgrading West Bank College Boost Boycott Movement?

JERUSALEM — A decision by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “strengthen higher education in the State of Israel,” as he put...
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