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Tel Aviv University to cooperate with settler group on East Jerusalem dig

Tel Aviv University’s spokesperson refuses to explain why its archaeologists will work with Elad, an organization notorious for its...
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The full story behind the war against free speech in Israel’s universities

Is Ben Gurion University being punished because its head has opposed upgrading the status of a college in an Israeli settlement?
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Chomsky in Gaza: academic boycott “will strengthen support for Israel”

During visit to Gaza, Noam Chomsky says BDS may strengthen support for Israel, backs Abbas UN bid.
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Academic boycott has to be part of the BDS campaign

As the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement, launched by Palestinian groups in 2005, has grown, some strategies and targets...
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Smadar Lavie’s lesson on global neoliberal restructuring, Israeli style

On Israel's silencing of its own intra-Jewish apartheid and the complicity of Israeli academia
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It ain’t necessarily so: The textbooks children learn from in school reveal and shape national attitudes—and should provoke debate

Nurit Peled of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who has studied Israeli textbooks covering history, geography and civics, says that...
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Eroding liberties: The ‘witch-hunt’ against Israeli academia

The Israeli Council for Higher Education (CHE), a government-appointed body charged with the supervision and financing of universities...
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Hebrew University lecturer calls for expelling Palestinians as alien hostages in war against Muslims

Mordecai Nisan, a lecturer at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, has a crazy/scary piece up on the rightwing site, Arutz Sheva,...
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State council seeks to shut down ‘leftist’ department at BGU

In an unprecedented move, the Council for Higher Education will vote on shutting down the Department of Politics and Government at...
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Palestinians banned from seeking top student post at Israeli college

Palestinians have been barred from running for election for the post of student union president at Zefat Academic College in Safed in...
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