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Fear of the Doctoral Student in Math

The "classified information" was once again at work, in the High Court of Justice hearing Monday on the petition by Jihad Al-Shwaikh...
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Israel’s High Court Petitioned on the Right of Gaza Students to Study in the West Bank

Gisha, the Israeli Center for Protection of Freedom of Movement, petitioned Thursday Israel's High Court in the name of 10 students,...
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Authorities Renew Detention of Al-Haq Fieldworker and Birzeit Student Ziyad Hmeidan

Update, Al Haq, 19 November 2005 Update from Al Haq on the case of Birzeit University student and human rights defender, Ziyad...
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The Wall – An Obstacle to Educating Palestinian Youth

UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian territories writes in a report that "the quality of education has deteriorated...
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Israeli Army Harassment of Birzeit Students on their way to University

Alert, Right to Education Campaign, 7 November 2005 The four students were pulled out of a taxi and instructed by soldiers to wait at...
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Launch of Public Outreach Campaign for Education in East Jerusalem

The Ministry of State for Jerusalem Affairs is embarking on a public outreach campaign regarding the dire constraints placed on...
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Israeli colony seizes school grounds

News Story, AlJazeera.Net, AFP: Within 48 h Israel continued it's separation wall, which cuts now a big part of a Jerusalem school...
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The “Security” Wall Bars Education in East Jerusalem

With the "security" wall around Jerusalem now reaching its completion, cutting off East Jerusalem from its natural Arab surroundings,...
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Israeli Troops Quit Schools After Years

HAITHEM TAMIMI, REUTERS, 25 JUNE 2005 Israeli soldiers on Saturday left three Palestinian schools in the West Bank town of Hebron that...
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School Children Killed by Israeli Army at Anti-Wall Protest

Beit Liqya (ISM), Ramallah, West Bank: A demonstration against the Apartheid Wall turned deadly for two young boys. They were shot...
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