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Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest New Student Council President

Fadi Hamad, the President of Birzeit University Student Council, was arrested by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Sunday 12 December...
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Army Demolishes Kindergarten in Deheisheh Refugee Camp

Article,Ziad Abbas, Deheisheh Refugee Camp, Electronic Intifada , 3 December 2004 Ibdaa kindergarteners from Dheisheh refugee camp...
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Four Birzeit University Students Illegally Deported to Gaza

Four Birzeit University students from Gaza were arrested by Israeli Army soldiers at their student apartment in Birzeit, near...
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Israeli Soldiers Raid the Homes of Hundreds of Birzeit University Students

Right to Education Campaign, Birzeit University, 29 November 2004 On 29 November 2004, ironically marking the International Day of...
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Birzeit University Blocked From All Directions

Report, Right to Education Campaign, Birzeit University, 10 November 2004 On Wednesday, 10 November, the Israeli Army created two...
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Hundreds of Gazan Students Are Still Prevented from Traveling Abroad to Attend Their Universities

Press Release, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, 23 October 2004 PCHR remains gravely concerned that hundreds of students from the...
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Palestinian School Girl Killed on Her Way to School in Rafah

Press Release, Palestine Monitor, 5 October 2004 Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) kill, IN COLD BLOOD, a 13 year old Palestinian school...
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UN slams Israeli raids on Palestinian schools

News Report, Geneva, 4 October 2004 GENEVA: The UN agency for Palestinian refugees yesterday accused the Israeli army of taking over...
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Volunteers Escorting Palestinian Schoolchildren Attacked

Amira Hass, Haaretz, 29 September 2004 Unidentified assailants attacked two American Christian volunteers who were escorting...
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9-year-old Girl Shot in UN-Flagged School in Gaza

UNRWA reports that a child sitting in the classroom of a UN-flagged school in Gaza was struck in the head by gunfire from an Israeli...
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