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Israeli forces destroy university building in Gaza

On Tuesday morning, 16 March 2004, Israeli occupying forces destroyed the educational studies campus of al-Aqsa University, located...
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A Barrier that Casts a Long Shadow

Jaffar Omar is 15. Everyday, after finishing school in the village of Azoun-Atma south of Qalqilyah, he goes to the family's...
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Occupied Campus: The Israeli Military Closure of Hebron University

On the night of January 14/15 2003, the Israeli Army sealed the entrances off and closed by military order two higher educational...
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Splitting Al-Quds University in Two

Israel has seized Al-Quds University's main campus grounds in Abu Dis to continue construction of the "security wall" in an...
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Hebron University and Palestine Polytechnic University Reopened

On Friday, August 15, the Israeli Civil Administration (the authority that administers the military Occupation of the West Bank and...
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Hebron University Students Denied Graduation

The Israeli army denied more than one thousand Hebron University students from graduating today. After a day of negotiation with...
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Israeli army welds Hebron University gate shut

The Israeli military welded shut the main gate of Hebron University at 2:00 AM on June 10, resuming the fifth month of a six-month...
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Background to the Surda Roadblock

The attractive and well-equipped campus of Birzeit University lies eight kilometers outside of Ramallah along a pastoral country road...
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Map of Surda Roadblock

Map showing the main features of the Surda Roadblock.
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Map of Israeli military positions in relation to Birzeit University

Map showing Birzeit University and the surrounding villages and towns, as well Israeli checkpoints and bases.
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