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Israeli Army Closes the Gates to Birzeit University

At around ten o'clock this morning, two Israeli military vehicles carrying about twelve soldiers arrived at the main gate of Birzeit...
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Appeal from Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education on the Occasion of the New School Year 2002-2003

Dr Naim Abu Hommous, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, 28 August 2002 In few days, more than one million Palestinian...
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Army vehicles storm University Campus

Three Israeli army vehicles stormed the Birzeit University Campus on Saturday July 27, 2002 afternoon for no apparent reason. Members...
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The Ramallah-Birzeit Road: The Path to Progress and Prosperity

Memorandum, Birzeit University, 5 June 2002 Birzeit University lies on the outskirts of the town of Birzeit, a few miles north of...
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Military Attack on Ministry of Education Headquarters in Ramallah

Ramallah, 4 April, 2002. The Israeli army has positioned tanks and troops throughout all Palestinian population areas and...
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Against All Odds: Palestinian Academies Complete Local Academy Training

Raed El Sharif, program manager at Birzeit University's Information Technology Unit (BIT), and CISCO's main contact for the Regional...
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