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More than 70 students deprived from their right of participation in the student Council election of Birzeit University

  Since 2004, around 900 of Birzeit University students have been arrested by the Israeli occupying forces. Among them are 16...
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Video- Israeli Occupation’s recent violations against Birzeit University

The Israeli occupation continues its breach of academic freedoms, through arresting students, expelling students from the university...
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Israeli forces kidnap university students, storm campus in violation of campus sanctity

On March 26, 2019, in the predawn hours, a group of Israeli operatives disguised as Palestinians abducted three Birzeit University...
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The Right to Education Campaign denounces abusive Israeli measures against Birzeit University Students

The Right to Education Campaign expresses grave concern over the repeated Israeli attacks, assaults, and detentions of Birzeit...
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The Right to Education Campaign denounces arrest of one of its volunteers

The Right to Education Campaign expresses its grave concern over the Israeli Occupying forces arrest to one of the Right to Education...
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Our Students Imprisoned Away from Sunlight

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Day is observed on April 17 of this year – nearly fourty-two days after an undercover Israeli unit...
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Statement from the Right to Education Campaign at Birzeit University, January 2018

Ongoing Israeli Policies to Disrupt and Isolate Palestinian Higher Education

To Members of Global Civil Society and Academia: Birzeit University, a Palestinian institution of higher learning, is currently facing...
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