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Right to Education

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The daily ordeal of getting to school in Hebron

The Qurduba School in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron is once again a target for harassment by Israeli occupation forces, as new...
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Twinned Universities Birzeit and Edinburgh University take part in video conference for the Right to Education week

 Students from Edinburgh Universities Students for Justice in Palestine solidarity group and Birzeit’s Right to Education Campaign...
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Students Protest, Soldiers Tear Gas Elementary School On Anniversary of Yasser Arafat’s Death

Soldiers tear gassed a girls elementary school in Beit Ommar this morning following a student demonstration commemorating the...
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School’s out: why Gazans can’t reach class in the West Bank

Fatma Al-Sharif a Palestinian human rights lawyer living in Gaza earlier this year was accepted into a Master's degree program in...
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“When will it End”

BZU student Muna Tahir, looks in the "Apartheid Wall" and the effects it has had on her life as well as the lives of her family,...
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Israel’s discriminatory civil service program challenged

Only a few months away from her high school graduation, 17-year-old May Jabareen will soon be preparing applications for university....
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Birzeit student speaks out: barriers to education and the “Right To Education”

Being a part of “Right To Education “ Campaign is such a thing that gives you this motivation and confident to keep working and...
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The ban on student travel between Gaza and the West Bank: Fatma Sharif’s story

As the new academic year begins, meet Ms. Sharif, a lawyer from the Gaza Strip who wanted to reach her studies in democracy and human...
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I Have a Dream, by Ayman Quader

Ayman Talal Quader, a Palestinian living in the Gaza Strip, where its people have been besieged for almost 4 years. He was born in...
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A student’s story: Offered a scholarhsip in Spain but trapped in Gaza

An appeal from Ayman Quader, a student from Gaza who has been offered a scholarship Universitat Jaume I (UJI) in Castellón, Spain for...
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