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This is a personal story written by Dema El Hellou, a senior student at Bethlehem University, in which she recounts an incident at...
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A student recounts her upsetting experience at Qalandiya checkpoint

Dema El Hellou, Student, Bethlehem University, 9 February 2009 This is a personal story written by Dema El Hellou, a senior student at...
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The story of Sabah, a student at Gaza University

Sabah, student at Gaza University, Documented by the Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC), 14 January 2009 Sabah, a 19...
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Plea from a teenage student in Gaza

Nour Kharma is in the 9th grade and she lives in Gaza City. An Israeli rocket her her school a few days ago, completely destroying it....
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Students at risk of arrest or deportation just for going to University

R2E Student Volunteer, Birzeit University, 18 December 2008 Due to the fact that the state of Israel has control over the borders and...
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Jerusalem…The Other Side: A student’s perspective

As a Bethlehem University student who comes from Jerusalem, Razan's journey to university is much longer than other students who come...
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Trapped in Gaza after gaining a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship

University students in the Gaza Strip who want to study abroad have been facing severe restrictions since Israel imposed a blockade on...
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PAS student denied entry at being detained and interrogated at Ben Gurion Airport

Rahsad Sisemore is a PAS student who was detained and interrogated at Ben Gurion Airport for 11 hours, from 11.00 am to 10.00 pm on...
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My dorm was raided by the Israeli army

Rawad Darweesh, Student, Birzeit University , 6 November 2008 30% of the students living in the student dorms in Birzeit village have...
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A trip to the unknown

Ronza Al Madbouh, Student, R2E Campaign, Bethlehem University, 5 November 2008 There are more than 528 permanent and temporary...
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