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Bethlehem University student: Can’t anyone hear our voices?

Deema Amereh, Student, R2E Campaign, Bethlehem University, 22 October 2008 Thousands of students have to pass through Israeli...
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A blockade of young minds

Abdalaziz Okasha , Comment is Free, The Guardian, UK , 11 September 2008 Abdalaziz Okasha is another one of the hundreds of students...
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Israelis hinder academic pursuits

Osama Dawoud, Deseret News , 3 September 2008 This year Osama Dawoud was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to the University of Utah to...
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Israel Turns Gaza Into Prison For UConn Fulbright Scholar

Zohair M. Abu Shaban ,, 2 September 2008 Zohair M. Abu Shabah is a Fulbright Scholar from Gaza accepted to the University...
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Message from Fulbright scholar to Free Gaza boats

Zohair Abu Shaban, Free Gaza Movement, 24 August 2008 Read the letter written from one of the three Fulbright scholars to the 'Free...
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Gazan recipient of a Fulbright scholarship writes Op-Ed

Fidaa Abed, San Diego Union-Tribune , 15 August 2008 Last week, I landed in Washington, D.C., brimming with optimism. Upon arrival, I...
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Birzeit PAS student denied entry

Rose Espinola , Student, University of Jordan , 29 July 2008 Rose Espinola, an Australian citizen of Palestinian origin, was planning...
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Student’s arm broken on his way home

Testimony from Student , R2E Campaign, An-Najah National University , 15 July 2008 In an attempt to avoid the busy and overcrowded...
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Graduation against the odds

Alex Nilsson , R2E Campaign, An-Najah National University , 30 June 2008 Most An-Najah students from outside Nablus have to pass...
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“Palestine is illegal”

Sumia Ibrahim, Electronic Intifada , 26 June 2008 Sumia Ibrahim, an Iraqi-Palestinian American studying in Birzeit this summer,...
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