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Palestinian-American Student detained at Ben Gurion Airport

What's a nice, Reed College sophomore doing in detention at Israel's Ben Gurion airport? I ask myself this during the hours I am held....
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Frustrations of Reality

A 20 year old Palestinian student in Gaza, distributed amongst Palestinian groups, 12 September 2007 As a Palestinian young man,...
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You are Refugee

I did not enjoy his words, my friend talked a lot about Yafa City. I didn't like the conversation. I got bored from this topic, the...
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The first time I really saw Palestine

Omar Deriah , Right to Education Campaign, 12 October 2006 This was my first day at Birzeit University. My name is Omar, and I'm...
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I Don’t Remind You of Anyone

Nagham F. Awadallah, Student of Birzeit University, 1 October 2005 A student of English Literature and Translation at Birzeit...
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Not only stones…lives, dreams and memories

Mira Nabulsi, Zajel, An-Najah University, Nablus, 29 August 2006 In Palestine the first thing you do in the early morning is turn on...
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‘Lords of Democracy’ by ex-Birzeit Student

Rami Mehdawi, Palestinian Center for the Dissemination of Democracy & Community Development, 26 July 2006 I didn't always know that...
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Student in Jenin: ‘It’s as if my family live in a different country’

OMAR MUSALLAM, 18, STUDENT, JENIN, BBC News, 1 June 2006 Omar Musallam, 18, is a studnet in Jenin but his family are in Ramallah....
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From Asira …a story of ongoing agony

An-Najah University student, Zajel, An-Najah University, Nablus, 16 May 2006 "My story started the first time I ever went to the...
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Life Behind The Wall

Right to Education Campaign, 5 May 2006 'Life Behind The Wall' is a platform for Palestinian student voices, a place where they...
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