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Open letter to international academic institutions from the R2E Campaign

In light of the ongoing massive Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip, in which over 1,200 people have been killed – over 1,000...
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Update on Omar Qassis

The Right to Education Campaign would like to thank all of those who supported our call to action for the student Omar Qassis who was...
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Broadcasting Authority’s Appeal Co tommittee Determine Whether the Right of Palestinians to Access Higher Education is “Politically Controversial”

The committee will today hear an appeal submitted by Gisha against a decision to disqualify radio broadcasts by Yehonatan Gefen, Alona...
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Petition to end violation of the right to education in Palestinian society

With the onset of the academic year and in light of the difficult political circumstances facing the Palestinian people (children and...
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Amnesty International’s Call to Action on Students Trapped in Gaza

Some 400 Palestinian students may lose their university places and scholarships unless the Israeli authorities allow them to leave the...
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Give students in Gaza a chance to study!

Since June 2007, Israel has imposed a nearly total closure on the Gaza Strip, violating the right to freedom of movement for 1.5...
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Defend Omar’s right to education and liberty

The Right to Education Campaign calls on Israel to release or charge the prisoners in Administrative Detention, and not to subject...
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Release prisoners of conscience now!

On Sunday 25th November 2007, the president of Birzeit University's Student Council, Fadi Hamad, was arrested by Israeli military...
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‘Break the Siege’ Campaign – Helping Palestinians Complete their Studies

R2E Campaign, Birzeit University , 23 June 2008 The Right to Education's 'Break the Siege Campaign' was set up to overcome the...
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PACBI Letter of Appreciation to AUC Faculty, Administrators, and Students

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) expresses its deepest gratitude to members of the...
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