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Video- Israeli Occupation’s recent violations against Birzeit University

The Israeli occupation continues its breach of academic freedoms, through arresting students, expelling students from the university...
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Birzeit University

Israeli forces kidnap university student, fire shots on campus in broad daylight

A group of Israeli operatives, disguised as Palestinian college students, abducted the head of the Student Council from Birzeit...
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Student Abdul Rahman Abu Dahab

Expressing its deep concern over the fate of two arrested students

Birzeit University Appeals to Human Rights Institutions to Speak out

Expressing its deep concern over the fate of two arrested students Birzeit University appeals to academic and human rights...
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Palestinian children testify about cruel treatment by Israeli soldiers in new short film

Newly released today, Defence for Children International-Palestine Section (DCI) has produced this short film about Israel’s...
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Ibrahimi School in Hebron

The Ibrahimi School in Hebron is over 100 years old. But today, the young students face many difficulties just trying to get into it...
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13 Year Old Arrested in Bil’in–Update

A few days ago, I posted a video of a young child in Bil’in being arrested while working in his olive groves with his family. In...
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Gazans missing out on school

In Gaza, 40,000 students have been unable to start school this year because there are not enough buildings to accomodate them. The...
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Students at the University of Michigan Protest IOF Soldiers Campus Visit

Two IOF soldiers came to the University of Michigan campus as part of a national PR campaign by Stand With Us aimed at justifying...
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The ban on student travel between Gaza and the West Bank: Fatma Sharif’s story

As the new academic year begins, meet Ms. Sharif, a lawyer from the Gaza Strip who wanted to reach her studies in democracy and human...
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