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Hampshire College releases documentary on their divestment story

In 2009 Hampshire College became the first United States institution of higher learning to divest holdings from companies benefiting...
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Israeli border officials harass, summon Bethlehem University professor (formerly of Yale) for interrogation

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, professor at Bethlehem and Birzeit University, recorded a video taping his treatment on the border, coming from...
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Gaza game exposes siege restrictions on Gaza’s students

An interactive game combining animation, documents, video clips and a blog warns against the policy cutting off the Gaza Strip from...
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Rethink This Veto! Ibrahim Shakiki at Berkeley Divestment Vote

Speech of Ibrahim Shikaki, the last speaker at the hearing on the Berkeley divestment bill on March 28th. Ibrahim is a resident of...
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Carleton University students launch campus divestment campaign

For the past several months, Students Against Israeli Apartheid – Carleton (SAIA), a student group at Carleton University in...
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Gaza children struggle for education

In the second part of the BBC's 'Hunger to learn' series, looking at the lengths that children go to to get an education, Katya Adler...
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Protesters shout down Ehud Olmert in Chicago during University of Chicago lecture

Approximately 30 activists disrupted a lecture given by Ehud Olmert yesterday which was hosted by the University of Chicago's Harris...
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Hungry to learn across the world

Around the world millions of children are not getting a proper education because of poverty or war. Katya Adler meets children in Gaza...
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Education gap divides Jerusalem

A recent report by an Israeli non-governmental organisation says 5,000 Palestinian children in East Jerusalem will not be able to...
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Gaza cyclist in border rejection

A student cycled thousands of miles from the UK to Gaza to raise money for burns victims there - only to be refused entry at the...
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