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Statement about the Israeli occupation’s arrest of Birzeit University students, faculty members

Since the beginning of the academic year 2019–2020, the number of Birzeit University student arrests has  increased rapidly....
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More than 70 students deprived from their right of participation in the student Council election of Birzeit University

  Since 2004, around 900 of Birzeit University students have been arrested by the Israeli occupying forces. Among them are 16...
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Video- Israeli Occupation’s recent violations against Birzeit University

The Israeli occupation continues its breach of academic freedoms, through arresting students, expelling students from the university...
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The Right to Education Campaign denounces abusive Israeli measures against Birzeit University Students

The Right to Education Campaign expresses grave concern over the repeated Israeli attacks, assaults, and detentions of Birzeit...
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Birzeit University

Israeli forces kidnap university student, fire shots on campus in broad daylight

A group of Israeli operatives, disguised as Palestinian college students, abducted the head of the Student Council from Birzeit...
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2105 Tour: R2E students

Application to participate in the 2016 Right to Education Tour to USA

The Right to Education Campaign – Birzeit University is preparing for its second tour to U.S.A this year. The tour is being...
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2105 Tour: R2E students

The Impact of Colonialism on Education in Palestine

2016 Right to Education Tour

Announcing the 2016 Right to Education Tour! Last year, NSJP and R2E hosted the first ever Right to Education tour through the US,...
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Schools in the shadows of settlements: Burin

The village of Burin, south of Nablus city, faces ongoing encroachment onto its land by surrounding settlements. In recent years the...
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“What does education mean to you?”

I learnt the Arabic word for “everything” in Ramallah’s falafel shops, where the vendors will ask if you want kulshi...
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The dismal lives of students locked in Israeli prison

Published on Mondoweiss Throughout Palestine, prisons are a major site in which the struggle for education, among other basic human...
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