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Condemnation of the Killing of Professor Khalid Salah

Written by admin  •  Tuesday, 06.07.2004, 13:22

An-Najah National University condemns the killing of its Professor, Prof. Khalid Salah, of the Faculty of Engineering, early this morning. He was 54 years old. His sixteen-year old son, Muhammad, was also killed.

Professor Khalid Salah

Prof. Khalid Salah was killed in cold blood by the Israeli Occupation Forces in his flat where he lived with his family. Both were left bleeding for four hours until they died. Medical teams were not allowed to offer their urgent first aid to them.

Prof. Khalid Salah was born in 1950 and started his work at the university in 1979.

Prof. Khalid Salah was an American citizen. He was awarded his PhD in the Electrical Engineering from California University (Davis) in 1985. He received his MSc in Electronic Engineering from Wales in the United Kingdom in 1980.

An-Najah National University appeals to the international community, all associations, and international human rights as well as the academic institutions all over the world to express their outrage at the Israeli Government and demand it stop such aggressions against Palestinian citizens.

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