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Connecting Classrooms

Written by admin  •  Sunday, 01.08.2010, 20:00

The British Council’s project “Connecting Classrooms” aims to build capacity in Gaza and help develop ICT skills. While the project itself is, as a matter of principle, a good idea, the fact that a video conference from Ramallah to Gaza (which are not even 50 miles away from each other) is necessary, remains beyond believe.

“As part of our Connecting Classrooms Online project in Gaza, we are inviting teachers from UNRWA to participate in an ICT workshop via video conference from Ramallah.  The aim of the workshop is to build their capacity to develop joint projects with their UK partners using different electronic tools. The workshop trainers Adrian Blight and Peter Hogan will be introducing the teachers to different themes including ICT, global trends, Photostory 3, and e-languages portal. Find out more about our Connecting Classrooms project.”

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