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Right to Education

Frustrations of Reality

Written by admin  •  Wednesday, 12.09.2007, 17:44

From a 20 year old Palestinian student in Gaza, distributed amongst Palestinian groups, 12 September 2007

As a Palestinian young man, looking for a good future and a good education which I couldn’t find in my homeland, not only because of the Israeli occupation but also because of the Palestinian parties who keep fight each other and try to spread there wrong ideologies among young men and people, I feel sick of everything around me, I cant believe the news on the Palestinian National channel or in al aqsa TV which both belong to some parties and spread their opinions and keep calling and insulting each other in bad terms.

When I will stop hearing bad words about my nation every time I open a discussion with my colleagues? Why should we keep wishing to immigrate and leave this land because it’s becoming like a hell? And in the same time I wish to stay here and keep resisting, but is there any space for resisting here?

Why I had to try for 3 year to be able to get out of Gaza for taking a course for 2 weeks outside?

Why I can’t afford my education inside my country however its not expensive?

Why know one in my country respects the other?

Why I prefer to die on living this situation any more?

Why I have to see my best friends leaving Palestine and never come back because there’s no way to live here?

Why we can’t resist for our rights anymore like in the past or keep staying here?

Is it all because of the Israeli occupation? Is it a cancer that we can’t cure? What about the Palestinian government and parties? Why do we need them?

Should I surrender or keep counting the years of the Palestinian exile or Nakba anniversary?


I think that the Palestinian nation should stop supporting the parties here, because they’re dividing us and very soon we will be loosing our rights in this land.
Why donÂ’t the people demonstrate against these actions instead of demonstrating for fateh or hamas?

Lets stop holding the GREEN, YELLOW, RED AND BLACK FLAGS and just remember the Palestinian flag, which we divided its colors and rarely hold it up in our demonstrations!

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