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Right to Education

Gaza Students Fight for Education Rights, International Campaign Launched at Birzeit University


In a concerning development, Gaza students seeking education in the West Bank are encountering significant challenges due to stringent Israeli restrictions on their movement. The permit application process, criticized for its excessive bureaucracy and lack of clear regulations, has led to the denial of permits for numerous students between 1996 and 1998. This has compelled some to resort to illegal travel routes through Egypt and Jordan to reach West Bank universities. A poignant personal testimony shared in the article highlights the emotional toll, as a student missed his mother’s funeral due to these restrictions. The Gaza Students Campaign for Academic Freedom, based at Birzeit University, has garnered international support, with a petition of 10,000 signatures presented to the Israeli embassy in London. The campaign aims to underscore the fundamental right to education and freedom of movement for Palestinian students. However, peaceful demonstrations have faced opposition, with Israeli soldiers reportedly resorting to violence. The international community is urged to participate in an upcoming day of action for Gazan students on November 19, 1998, to raise awareness and advocate for their rights.

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