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Hebrew University lecturer calls for expelling Palestinians as alien hostages in war against Muslims

Written by admin  •  Wednesday, 03.10.2012, 10:04

Mordecai Nisan, a lecturer at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, has a crazy/scary piece up on the rightwing site, Arutz Sheva, calling for the expulsion of Palestinians from Israel and the West Bank. Arabs in Israel and Palestine are “a hostage population,” and in the coming war between Israel and the Muslim world, they must be sacrificed as a fifth column.

The piece is significant not just for its hateful prescription, but for its paranoid and alarmist perspective.

Israel is facing a life-and-death struggle against Muslim and Arab forces whose declared and intended goal is to destroy the Jewish State. A unified pseudo-Islamic Caliphate alliance, as an indomitable Muslim ambition, could be closing in on Israel.

Increasingly this seems to be the rightwing Israeli mindset– it is based on racial/religious antagonism, and given to hysterical Zionist appeals. Sixty years ago Hannah Arendt told us that warrior states like Sparta don’t last; and Israelis like Nisan are taking steps to insure that. When he says that Israel faces an “abnormal politico-strategic situation,” the enmity of its neighbors, he is right; and the real question is how Israelis can change their society so as to rectify matters.

Here is his frightening and frankly-racist argument about Palestinians:

The Arabs in Israel have affirmed themselves as an alien element in the Israeli body politic, waving the Palestinian flag, demanding refugee return and recovery of lost lands from 1948, and ending “the occupation;” ideologically dissident while politically hostile to the Jewish state of Israel.

They burn forests, smuggle explosives from Lebanon, stockpile weapons, and revile Zionism. Their religion and desire for people-hood far override their statehood as anchors of identity and loyalty. They can never be trusted.

The relentless and sacred Muslim war against Israel, recruiting Palestinian Hamas, Jihad, and Fatah, includes in its ranks the Arabs of Israel. It is they in particular who bemoan Israel’s founding as a daily humiliation in the Jewish Hebrew-speaking country….

The ultimate weapon in Israel’s arsenal is to push Arabs eastward into Jordan, at the appropriate moment. This will be the consequence of ongoing Arab aggression and bellicosity: of Palestinian Arab grad attacks from Gaza against Ashkelon and Sderot, of Palestinian Arab terrorism and murder in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, of Hizbullah’s subversive operations in Israel with its tremendous missile armaments poised for release in south Lebanon against Israel, from Nahariya to Be’er Sheva.
Needless to say that, as in 1948, those communities and villages who joined with the Jews and demonstrated loyalty to Israel will be safe from harm and expulsion.

Israel is in need of a clear consciousness to internalize the reality of her abnormal politico-strategic situation. Israelis have been maligned, bullied and battered, defamed and despised for so long, that Israel hardly sustains a sense of her rights and needs – or dignity…
The Arabs in Israel are a hostage population. Although a grave problem, they are also the solution.

Israel will place the Arabs on notice that the dynamic of conflict will lead to their expulsion. The de-Arabization of the area they call Palestine is unmistakably the most appalling nightmare for the Muslim world, because worse than Arab death and its cultic value is the definitive banishment of Arabs from the land.

The demographics within Israel will change dramatically. The dialectic of history will transform Arab warfare against Israel – as in 1948 –into the dynamic catalyst for delivering Israel from the hands of her enemies.

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