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IOF assaults school students in Silwan

Written by admin  •  Friday, 12.10.2012, 09:20

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– In new racist attack, undercover units backed up by the occupation forces attacked on Thursday morning a number of students of Silwan school, sparking fear and panic among the students.

Issam Abbasi, the secretary general of Silwan’s central parent committee- Ras al-Amud, said in a press statement that a number of undercover occupation policemen protected by the Israeli police assaulted a number of students of Silwan elementary and secondary schools while on their way to their schools, and they tried to arrest them. The students returned immediately to their homes for fear of the forces stationed near the school.

He added that the number of student in the two schools is about 2000 students aged between 7-15 years, pointing out that this is the second attack on students during one week, where a number of undercover policemen were deployed at the school last week and tried to provoke the students.

He pointed out that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have attacked several times on the students of the two schools during the past year, beating and throwing tear gas on them while they were heading to school where they have stormed the school to arrest one of the students.

For its part, Wadi Hilwah Information Center warned against attacking and arresting the students before and after leaving school by the Israeli forces leading to serious repercussions on the educational process on the one hand and on the psyche of the students on the other hand, referring to the Israeli attempt to storm al-Tur school last week.

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