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Israeli army invades Jenin University: Abducts two youths

Written by admin  •  Monday, 26.03.2007, 10:59

A massive Israeli army force invaded the northern West Bank city of Jenin on Monday midday then surrounded the American- Arab University, two Palestinian youths were abducted.

Troops besieged the university and started to fire rubber coated metal bullets, tear gas and sound bombs at the students, eyewitnesses reported.

Clashes erupted when students from the university responded to the invading troops with stones, no injures were reported. Soldiers left the university premises after some time and abducted two youths, among them Lou’e Bani Odah, who is said to be an activist in the Aqsa brigades, the armed wing of Fatah movement.

During the dawn hours the Israeli army invaded several parts of Jenin city and nearby Qabatia, Kufer Ra’ie and Faham villages. Soldiers searched and ransacked scores of residents’ homes during the invasion; no abductions were reported, local sources stated.

Elsewhere in the West Bank, the Israeli army attacked several cities on Monday at dawn and abducted 12 civilians, Palestinian sources reported.


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