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Israeli Prisons, Palestinian Freedom, and Abolition

Written by Right Education  •  Wednesday, 17.04.2024, 16:16

As we mark the 50th anniversary of the International Day of solidarity with Palestinian prisoners, we are witnessing an alarming rate of incarceration of Palestinians, rising to almost 9,000, thus doubling the number of Palestinians who were incarcerated on October 7, 2023. Palestinians released in prison exchange have been re-arrested by the Israeli colonial state. Hundreds of Palestinian minors have been detained and denied education and childhood. Women, men and children have been tortured, deprived from food, water, medication, sunlight, and family and Red Cross visitations.

During the on-going genocide in Gaza, Israel has stripped naked adult and minor Palestinians, amputated their limbs and forced them to defecate in diapers. Terminally ill Palestinians have been martyred in Israeli dungeons due to medical negligence and cruelty of their Israeli jailers, most recently the martyr Walid Daqqa.

We are honored that a panel of Palestinian freed prisoners and their advocates have accepted our invitation as guest speakers in this open classroom.
Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi will lead the moderation of the session, alongside the co-sponsoring team.

The open classroom will be streamed live on both the AMED Facebook page (@AMED STUDIES SFSU) and AMED YouTube Channel.


We are grateful to our partners who are co-sponsoring this event and sharing the justice-centered pedagogy of Teaching Palestine with our growing movement for abolition.

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