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Jenin Arab American University Under Siege

Written by admin  •  Monday, 24.03.2008, 00:00
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For going on 18 hours now, Israeli forces have besieged the Arab – American University near Jenin City. Students are appealing for help.

Via telephone, Student Council Member, Murad Abu Rabb is asking that humanitarian and media institutions intervene to lift the siege. “The presence in such density on the campus and neighboring area is unprecedented. Helicopters are circling overhead and they are launching flare bombs.”

Israeli forces have arrested at least 30 students, while 10 others students and staff are still unable to leave the besieged student housing buildings. “We expect them to break down the doors at any moment.”

All roads in the area are closed, while hundreds of residents, students and staff re unable to move. Director of Public Relations for the University, Jamal Sana, said that the siege on his building began “abruptly at 3:00 am.”

Israeli forces “set up barriers and aircraft began flying low and soldiers were jumping out. Dozens of soldiers are in the neighboring mountains. All faculty, students and staff are forbidden to move. They have spread themselves throughout every corner of campus.”

A brother and sister were in the roads nearby and instead of passing home were held for hours under interrogation, reported their father Khalid Kamil.

In an adjacent village Israeli soldiers used dogs and explosives inside homes, forcing several families outside. They were also blowing up water wells, as reported by eyewitnesses.

Journalists were unable to get close, while one photographer was severely beaten. All were threatened with arrest and beatings if they did not leave, including from Reuters and Al Jazeera.

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