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Right to Education

NUS vote to support Palestinians’ right to education!

Written by admin  •  Wednesday, 01.07.2009, 16:38

Defend Palestinians’ Right to Education

Submitted by: Coventry University, London South Bank University, Cranfield University, University of East London, City University, SOAS, Middlesex University, Sheffield Hallam, Staffordshire University, Goldsmiths
College, Essex University

Conference believes:

1. Hundreds of Palestinian students with places to study at universities around the world are trapped in Gaza as a consequence of Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

2. Many students have scholarships to study abroad, which are now threatened as they have not able to leave Gaza to study.

Conference further believes:

1. Last year NUS correctly supported Khaled Al-Mudallal, a Palestinian student who was trapped in Gaza and prevented from returning to his studies at Bradford University.

2. The occupation severely disrupts Palestinian students’ access to education. 80% of Palestinians experience difficulty in daily activities including travel, and many are prevented form attending university by the closure of military checkpoints.

Conference Resolves:

1. Allow all Palestinian students with places at universities to leave Gaza.

2. Support “Let Palestinians Study”, which campaigns for students currently trapped in Gaza.

3. To encourage Students’ Unions to twin with Palestinian Universities.

4. Support universities taking practical steps to assist the people of Gaza, including providing scholarships and sending books and other equipment.

Passed unanimously, one abstention. NEC meeting 30th June, 2009.

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