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Written by admin  •  Wednesday, 07.06.2006, 10:03

On Wednesday 7 June 2006, more than 100,000 Palestinian students will head to examination halls in order to sit their final school exams, the “tawjihi”.


Education Minister Nasser Ash-Sha’er said that 79,159 students in the West Bank and 35,428 students in the Gaza Strip will be making their way to 384 examination halls in the West Bank and 207 in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning.


The minister assured that the ministry has implemented the mechanisms and procedures in order to ensure the process runs as smooth as possible.



The “tawjihi” exams, which end on 24 June, are school students’ final hurdle and passing these exams enables them to enter university.


It was also reported that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will accompany the education minister on some visits to the examination halls on Wednesday morning.

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