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PA security services raid female students hostel

Written by admin  •  Saturday, 20.10.2012, 10:00

NABLUS, (PIC)– Palestinian Authority security apparatuses raided a female students hostel for the Najah university in Nablus and interrogated its occupants, local sources said on Saturday.

They said that a force of the preventive security service raided two days ago the hostel and interrogated the students about their activities.

Meanwhile, elements of the same apparatus abused and assaulted the student at the same university, Hindiya Abdul Rahman, 24, who is a liberated captive from Israeli jails and a former detainee in the PA security services’ prisons, on Friday afternoon.

Hindiya’s family condemned the attack and described it as an attempted murder. The family protested the incident and filed a complaint at the military intelligence service in its capacity as the apparatus responsible for bringing security personnel to account.

The PA security apparatuses also extended the detention of two Hamas members for 15 additional days despite the continuous demands for their release.

Meanwhile, the general intelligence service in Ramallah summoned for the third time the liberated prisoner Islam Saleh Bader, 19.

Sources close to the family of Badr said that the PA intelligence had summoned its son twice in the previous week and had questioned him about his detention by the Israeli occupation authorities. He had been also questioned about the activities of Hamas movement and its activists at Birzeit University and at his hometown.

Badr had been released from the Israeli occupation prisons less than two months ago after serving nine months in administrative detention.

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