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Report reveals inaccessibilty of higher education for Palestinian prisoners

Written by admin  •  Monday, 22.03.2010, 16:40

Palestinian detainees at the Hadarim detention center have been prevented from applying to universities for over a year, the Palestinian Detainees’ Center said Monday.


Citing the cases of Abu Bilal Shihab, Wael Fanoun, and Sameh Al-Shobaky, the center said the men had been banned from accessing higher education institutes and progressing with their studies since December of 2008.

According to the center, the detained students were denied their right to family visits for two months, and prevented from purchasing foodstuffs from the detention center’s canteen for a month.

Dozens told the center that the Israel Prison Service (IPS) has used solidarity confinement as a punitive measure, claiming security concerns, the center said.

Detainees also told the center that the IPS undertakes haphazard searches of prisoners’ cells and has banned the access to books and other reading materials, as well as glass drinking glasses.

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