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Right 2 Education Week: Day Two

Written by admin  •  Wednesday, 13.11.2013, 17:32

It is the second day of Right 2 Education Week! Here at Birzeit University we will be holding an open mic event in which we will hear individual experiences from Palestinain students.

Here’s an overview of the events that will be taking place for #R2Eweek across the world today:

A stunt is being held at Manchester University, U.K.

A mock checkpoint is being constructed by the University of Dunham Friends of Palestine Society, UK. Later in the evening, a Gazan student will be holding a talk about the reality of education in Palestine.

A talk about the ‘case for academic boycott of Israel’ will be held by the University of Birmingham, UK.

Til Palestina will be introducing the Right 2 Education campaign and screening the film ‘Promises’ at NTNU, Norway

A panel will be held by Columbia University SJP called ‘the Miseducation of Settler Colonialism: Challenging School Curricula.’

A stall will be held by University of Leeds Palestine Solidarity Group, UK. This will distribute information about the campaign. Also, Gazan students will be holding a talk.

Screening of ‘Arna’s Children’ will be held by Edinburgh SJP, UK.

There will be a stall, flyering and banners at Brooklyn College, USA.

Josh Ruebner will be holding a discussion and Q&A session for Students for Justice in Palestine at John Jay College, USA.

A talk on “Zionism and Palestine” will be held by Students for Justice in Palestine Rutgers, USA.

UCL Palestine Society will have a stall on campus in London, UK.

Finally, an art exhibition will be hosted by the University of Wolverhampton Voice of Palestine, UK.

Best of luck and please remember to keep us updated by sending your photos and video clips to us!

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