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Statement on the Israeli Occupation’s Army’s Invasion of Birzeit University

Written by Right Education  •  Wednesday, 08.11.2023, 14:11

The Israeli occupation invaded Birzeit University’s campus today Nov. 8, 2023, and raided the Student Council and student blocks headquarters, caused havoc on the campus, and confiscated a number of blocks’ banners. This comes in continuation of its spree of crimes, violations, and genocide; and its targeting of the Palestinian civilians and the academic institutions.

This invasion constitutes a blatant violation of all the all international laws, conventions and treaties that incriminate violating the sanctity of universities and academic institutions. This goes in contradiction with its role as an occupational power, holding it accountable in front of the international community by the rules, and regulations of the international human law that impose on it to provide special protection to these institutions.  This assault comes less than 90 days after the occupation’s last invasion of the campus on 24 July, where it brutally invaded and apprehended 8 of its students after assaulting them.

Birzeit views this spree of assaults against academic institutions as a violation of all international laws and charters guaranteeing the protection and sanctity of the academic institutions. The occupation will never break the will of Birzeit University, its student, or its staff; nor any other Palestinian academic institution’s will, quite the contrary; they will always hold fast to their message of education, research, resistance and sacrifice towards freedom from the occupation.

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