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Bogus allegations of “anti-Semitism” create real climate of fear for Arab, Muslim students in US

An attempt to portray Palestine solidarity campaigning on campus as “anti-Semitism” has failed — once again — at the...
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Israel lobby uses discredited anti-Semitism definition to muzzle debate

Pro-palesitinan student groups in the USA under attack by Jewish lobby for being ant-semitic
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Sign petition: End the blockade of Gaza now!

This summer, the intensified blockade of the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip has continued into its sixth year. The...
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Why a boycott of Israeli academics is fully justified

The majority of Israeli academics do little to support the rights of Palestinians, and their institutions are complicit in the...
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Over 100 UK student leaders condemn Israeli SU racism

UK student leaders have signed a letter condemning a recent decision by Zefat Academic College to limit their Students’ Union...
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Silencing pro-Palestinian speech on campus

On July 9, 2012, the University of California's Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion presented its fact-finding...
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Chicago students say “mic check, fact check!” to protest StandWithUs propaganda event

Mic Check – Fact Check. Two Israel propaganda events at different Chicago-area universities where protested in the last few days by...
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Boycott the state, not just the settlements

West Bank settlements would not be viable without government aid, so boycotts should target the Israeli state as well. Yousef...
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R2E Friends P.E.D.A.L write about their visit to BZU

R2E friends P.E.D.A.L write about their experiences of visiting Birzeit University earlier this month. The UK based-activists cycled...
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Education and Behavior In Israel and Palestine

Over the last ten years there have been periodic outbursts of rage over the alleged anti-Semitic nature of Palestinian textbooks. Most...
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