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Exchange between BZU students and Palestinian students from 1948

On the 29th of November, about 20 Palestinian students from universities inside Israel visited Birzeit University for a day of...
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Banner drop for Palestine Right to Education Week

On Thursday 27th November Action Palestine dropped a banner from a bridge over Oxford Road, which read "ISRAEL: END OCCUPATION, ALLOW...
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Settlers stone Hebron area schoolchildren

Hebron, Ma'an, 15 October 2008 On Tuesday the 14th of October 2008, the schoolchildren walking back home from school in At-Tuwani were...
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No access to consulates, No academic freedom

Letter to American Consulate on behalf of Palestinian academic who was unable to attend a visa interview due to the occupation's...
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Education Denied – Darkening the Minds

"In the summer of 2007, during the vacation between finishing my Masters and starting my doctorate at the University of Illinois, I...
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At-Tuwani Children’s March to Tuba A Success

At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills: On August 2nd, more than one hundred children and their parents from the South Hebron Hills marched...
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Academic Freedom: For whom?

The meaning of "academic freedom" is fairly obvious. It is something that is associated with democratic societies, and it is...
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A Call to Palestinian Students in the United States

This is a call to all Palestinian students in the U.S to partake in the Popular National Palestinian Conference...
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The Nakba in Israeli textbooks and official discourse

The contents of school textbooks in Palestine/Israel have often been the cause of controversy, normally when a report is published...
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R2E Student Committee welcomes UNISON boycott

The Right to Education (R2E) Student Committee in Birzeit University welcomes the motion passed by UNISON, the biggest trade union of...
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