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Activist Angela Davis commends South African students

World renowned American Black Panther Party member, leading feminist thinker and anti-apartheid activist, Professor Angela Davis, has...
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BDS activists in Israel stand with Australian counterparts facing repression

Boycott from Within, a coalition of citizens of Israel, both Palestinian and Jewish, organizing in support of the Palestinian call for...
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Israel rewrites history textbook

The Israeli government has, for the first time, approved a school textbook for Arab pupils that includes the Palestinian view of the...
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Brandeis students disrupt speech of former Shin Bet chief

Students at Brandeis, the historically Jewish university in the Boston area of the United States, disrupted a speech by Avi Dichter, a...
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Muslim students face charges for disrupting Israeli ambassador at U.S. school

Eleven Muslim students who interupted a speech by Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren have pleaded not guilty to charges of...
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300 Academics Join 40 “Civil Disobedience” Women

About 300 lecturers and teachers from institutes of higher education throughout Israel have signed a public advertisement in support...
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Absent military escort endangers Palestinian schoolchildren of Tuba and Maghayir Al-Abeed

A lack of a military escort which accompanies the Palestinian schoolchildren of the villages of Tuba and Maghayir have been left...
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Israel’s textbooks in Arabic are full of mistakes, study finds

A new study has found more than 16,000 mistakes in Israeli textbooks used by Arab children. For example, the word for traffic light is...
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US students erect mock walls to connect struggles

In an effort to connect human rights struggles, students at the University of Arizona constructed a mock wall representing both...
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Israel’s plan for next year’s school curriculum: Reinforcing Jewish and Zionist values

Education Ministry's plan for the coming school year does not include civics, democratic values or Jewish-Arab coexistence. "The plan...
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