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Support the University of Birmingham’s Friends of Palestine Society

The University of Birmingham’s Friends of Palestine Society is facing investigation after complaints about a talk it hosted by US...
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Students from Bethlehem and Al Quds universities protest excavations in Jerusalem

Several student blocs from Bethlehem University and Al Quds University protested the Israeli destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque's Moroccan...
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Edinburgh students shut down lecture by Israeli diplomat

Edinburgh University Students for Justice in Palestine successfully shut down a lecture last night by Ishmael Khaldi, advisor to...
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UC Irvine suspended the Muslim Student Union

UC Irvine suspended the Muslim Student Union after several members disrupted a speech by the Israeli ambassador. The district...
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Edinburgh students stop Israel’s racist tours

Ishmael Khaldi, Israeli government adviser to extreme racist Avigdor Lieberman, was prevented from presenting his propaganda at...
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Israel and Palestinian groups clash at London School of Economics

Tensions between the London School of Economics’ Israel and Palestine societies have risen after a surge in anti-Israel activity...
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BDS Movement Victory: John Lewis Stops Stocking Ahava Products in Britain

John Lewis, one of Britains leading retail brands has vowed to stop selling Ahava products, whose goods are processed on stolen...
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Israeli call for a boycott of Ariel University Centre in the heart of the West Bank gathers more support

155 academics sign petition saying Ariel is an illegal settlement whose existence contravened international law and the Geneva...
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Boycott roundup: US tear gas-maker CSI urged to cancel Israel sales

Boycott news Round-up featuring: Academic boycott of education facilities in the settlement of Ariel, American activists send emails...
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Activists protest Israeli army sergeant’s campus propaganda visit

The Western Massachusetts Coalition for Palestine organized a protest of an event entitled "Overcoming Terror: A True Story". The...
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