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Right to Education

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Arabs face increased discrimination at Tel Aviv University

Measures designed to benefit Jewish school-leavers applying for places in Israeli higher education at the cost of their Palestinian...
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Is the Israeli academy facing a McCarthyite era?

When it comes to the Israeli academy, said David S. Katz, director of the Lessing Institute for European History at Tel Aviv...
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The “Summer Camp Of Destruction:” ‘Israeli High Schoolers’ Assist The Razing Of A Bedouin Town

On July 26, Israeli police demolished 45 buildings in the unrecognized Bedouin village of al-Arakib, razing the entire village to the...
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The brain tumor method of leaving Gaza for students

There are about 35,000 Palestinians who live in the West Bank but are registered as Gazans. Due to Israel's successful 20-year-old...
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Witch-Hunt Begins In Israeli Schools And Colleges

Hundreds of Israeli college professors have signed a petition accusing the education minister of endangering academic freedoms after...
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Israel bans Gaza woman from studying human rights in West Bank

The flow of goods into Gaza may have eased - but for Palestinians, restrictions on movement remain tight. Since 2000, Israel has...
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Palestinians from Jerusalem who choose to study abroad get residency revoked upon return

Palestinians who choose to study and work abroad are finding out - too late - that they have imperiled their right to return to their...
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‘Fragmented’ Education in Occupied Palestine

A 2007 UNESCO/Save the Children UK report titled, 'Fragmented foundations: education and chronic crisis in the Occupied Palestinian...
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After denied entry to West Bank, Chomsky likens Israel to ‘Stalinist regime’

The Interior Ministry refused to let linguist Noam Chomsky into Israel and the West Bank on Sunday. Chomsky, who aligns himself with...
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Discrimination in education is flourishing in East Jerusalem

While children in West Jerusalem schools are celebrating 'Jerusalem Day,' thousands of children in East Jerusalem will stay home or...
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