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Right to Education

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A harsh lesson from nature in Gaza

Wafa is one of nearly 450 pupils who attend the school in Al Mawasi, a district overlooking the Egyptian-Gaza border and close to...
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The Only Way Out: A student’s struggle to study abroad

Over the past year, Muhannad Omar al-Helo has twice petitioned the Israeli government to leave Gaza in order to study in Europe for a...
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A local father explains the daily struggles encountered on the school run

A Palestinian farmer from the tiny hamlet of Maghaer al-Abeed in the South Hebron Hills is the father of young children who attend...
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Three students detained while supporting anti-closure events in Hebron

Hebron, Ma'an, 9 November 2008 Israeli forces detained three Al-Quds Open University students while they participated in a solidarity...
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12 year old student beaten and imprisoned with adults

Report, B'tselem, 3 November 2008 Muhammad Salah Muhammad Khawajah, a 12 year old student and resident of Ni'lin in Ramallah District,...
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Guess which university students won’t be able to reach their classes today?

Release, GISHA, 2 November 2008 Today, as tens of thousands of Israeli university students report for the first day of the academic...
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No ‘right to education’ for Palestinians

Sarah Clark, The Journal, UK , 26 October 2008 The right to education is universal, and in the west, universally taken for granted; in...
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At-Tuwani Reflection: Swings and Roundabouts

Jan Benvie, Christian Peacemaker Teams, 8 October 2008 This summer the at-Tuwani villagers organized a summer camp for local children....
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Trapped in Gaza, a frustrated student fears for his future

Rory McCarthy, The Guardian, UK , 27 September 2008 Zohair Abu Shaban, a resident of Gaza, dreams of becoming a professor of...
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“I used to dream about my future” – Israeli forces tear-gas school children in Ni’lin

On Tuesday September 9th, the pupils of the boys school in the West Bank village of Ni'lin started a protest against the building of...
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