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Education, occupation, incarceration

The story of Omar Qassis, a Palestinian student from Birzeit University, detained without trial, is far from unusual. Over 80 other...
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Deadline looms for another student trapped inside Gaza

Narratives Under Siege, PCHR, 8 September 2008 Nevin Abu Taima is still desperately trying to return to the US in order to resume her...
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Jim Crow alive and well in Hebron

Joel Gulledge, CPT volunteer, Electronic Intifada , 3 September 2008 Joel Gulledge was accompanying school children on their daily...
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The Story of Gaza graduates from Bethlehem University

KANDLE team, KANDLE Website, 8 August 2008 This podcast features the story of ten Occupational Therapy students in Gaza and of the...
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Gaza students still waiting and losing hope

Rami Almeghari, Electronic Intifada , 28 July 2008 Rami Abdo is one of the almost 670 students trapped and being denied his right to...
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Meet some of Gaza’s 700 Stranded Students

Narratives Under Siege, PCHR , 4 June 2008 The Palestinian Centre of Human Rights (PCHR) speaks to students trapped in Gaza who have...
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PACBI’s Urgent Appeal to academics to condemn U.S decision to cancel grants to Gaza students

The news that the US State Department has decided to cancel all previously approved Fulbright grants to Palestinian students in Gaza...
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Special Needs Children in Gaza Denied Their Education Because of Chronic Fuel Shortages

Collective punishment of a civilian population is illegal under international human rights law; but the fuel crisis imposed by Israel,...
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Shin Bet security service bars Gazan from studying overseas

Around 150 Palestinian students applied for an academic scholarship from Germany last year. Only six applicants made the cut, among...
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Immigration policy forces researchers out of West Bank

As elsewhere on the West Bank, Birzeit's students and staff have learnt to live with the disruption and casualties caused by the...
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