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Right to Education

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The long walk to class

Ilene R. Prusher, The Christian Science Monitor , 20 December 2006 Ahmed Malhi is just 25 feet from school when Israeli soldiers stop...
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The Quandary of the Palestinian Student

Mary Geday , This Week in Palestine, 3 December 2006 Today, approximately 200 students decided that the best immediate response to...
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Images of the Occupation: Teaching in Nablus

CARL GELDERLOOS, Counterpunch, 12 October 2006 One image that sticks is the one of a boy throwing a rock at a tank. The boy, a...
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Door of Re-Entry Shut to Palestinians

Amira Hass, Haaretz, 1 October 2006 Seven months after Swedish citizen Somaida Abbas [who was previously a Birzeit University member...
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An-Najah University denied educational equipment

Zajel, An-Najah University, Nablus, 1 June 2006 Since the beginning of the Israeli aggressions against the Palestinian people from...
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Israeli High Court rules Gaza students cannot study in West Bank

Right to Education Campaign, Birzeit University, 18 May 2006 Gaza student petitioners: "We call on anyone who is listening, who...
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Al-Haq Fieldworker and Birzeit Student Still Denied Justice

Press Release, Al Haq, 13 March 2006 Update from Al Haq on the case of Birzeit University student and human rights defender, Ziyad...
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The Wall – An Obstacle to Educating Palestinian Youth

UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian territories writes in a report that "the quality of education has deteriorated...
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Israeli Assault on Palestinian Education in Jerusalem and other Occupied Areas

Ministry of Education Press release: The occupation's restrictions on movement and the land grabbing wall of separation constitute a...
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No Children Included in Israeli “Good Will Gesture”

Amid the fanfare surrounding Israel's 27 December release of 159 Palestinian prisoners as a "goodwill gesture" to Egypt's President...
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