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Right to Education

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Why boycotts make sense to many

Palestinian Universities and Everyday Life under Occupation

Palestinian Universities and Everyday Life under Occupation Why boycotts make sense to many. By Kamala Visweswaran   On my last...
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Italian student banned from entry to Palestine

The Erasmus program is one that is designed to allow students from all over the world to study abroad in Universities of their choice...
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“When will it End”

BZU student Muna Tahir, looks in the "Apartheid Wall" and the effects it has had on her life as well as the lives of her family,...
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PCHR Denounces Israel’s Systematic Violation of Palestinian Children’s Right to Education

A new report by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) has denounced Israel’s Systematic Violation of Palestinian...
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Shin Bet recruiters enticing Palestinian medical students with Jerusalem entry permits

The Shin Bet security service is trying to force Palestinian students to spy and report on other students' activities as a condition...
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Israeli troops fire on dozens of Birzeit students demonstrating near BirZeit University

Israeli troops opened fire on dozens of students at a protest at ‘Atara checkpoint, located close to BirZeit University. The...
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Palestinian students cross barriers to discuss boycott

The right of Palestinian students to an education was the main theme of a video conference between students from the occupied Gaza...
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Urgent Call for Action: Gazan Student Deported. Support Right to Study

21 year old Berlanty Azzam was detained at a military checkpoint, blindfolded and then deported to Gaza on Monday 2nd November. Azzam...
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Jahalin Bedouin school in jeopardy

As Israeli children gear up for the beginning of a new school year next month, Bedouin children from the Jahalin tribe just southeast...
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Palestinian students allege abuse and beatings at Abu Dis checkpoint

Two Palestinian students from Ramallah have come forward with allegations that Israeli Border police took them to a room, stripped...
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