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A student recounts her upsetting experience at Qalandiya checkpoint

Dema El Hellou, Student, Bethlehem University, 9 February 2009 This is a personal story written by Dema El Hellou, a senior student at...
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Jerusalem…The Other Side: A student’s perspective

As a Bethlehem University student who comes from Jerusalem, Razan's journey to university is much longer than other students who come...
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A trip to the unknown

Ronza Al Madbouh, Student, R2E Campaign, Bethlehem University, 5 November 2008 There are more than 528 permanent and temporary...
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Bethlehem University student: Can’t anyone hear our voices?

Deema Amereh, Student, R2E Campaign, Bethlehem University, 22 October 2008 Thousands of students have to pass through Israeli...
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No access to consulates, No academic freedom

Letter to American Consulate on behalf of Palestinian academic who was unable to attend a visa interview due to the occupation's...
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Checkpoints keep dozens of teachers from classrooms

In Tubas, Ma'an News, 9 October 2008 Palestine's Ministry of Higher Education announced that Israeli forces are impeding students' and...
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Israel Turns Gaza Into Prison For UConn Fulbright Scholar

Zohair M. Abu Shaban ,, 2 September 2008 Zohair M. Abu Shabah is a Fulbright Scholar from Gaza accepted to the University...
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Education Denied – Darkening the Minds

"In the summer of 2007, during the vacation between finishing my Masters and starting my doctorate at the University of Illinois, I...
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Graduation against the odds

Alex Nilsson , R2E Campaign, An-Najah National University , 30 June 2008 Most An-Najah students from outside Nablus have to pass...
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Student pepper sprayed after two hours of waiting

R2E Campaign, An-Najah National University , 22 June 2008 Thousands of students endure the daily or weekly humiliation of passing...
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