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Right to Education

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Immigration policy forces researchers out of West Bank

As elsewhere on the West Bank, Birzeit's students and staff have learnt to live with the disruption and casualties caused by the...
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The long walk to class

Ilene R. Prusher, The Christian Science Monitor , 20 December 2006 Ahmed Malhi is just 25 feet from school when Israeli soldiers stop...
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The Quandary of the Palestinian Student

Mary Geday , This Week in Palestine, 3 December 2006 Today, approximately 200 students decided that the best immediate response to...
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Images of the Occupation: Teaching in Nablus

CARL GELDERLOOS, Counterpunch, 12 October 2006 One image that sticks is the one of a boy throwing a rock at a tank. The boy, a...
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Appeal to the Heads of Israeli Universities, Colleges & Academic Institutions

The Gender Studies Project (GSP) at MADA Al-Carmel: Arab Center for Applied Social Research, Haifa, appeals to all those who believe...
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The Isolation of Palestinian Education

Right to Education Campaign, Birzeit University, 4 September 2006 The systematic obstruction of Palestinian education not only...
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12 Assaults on Right to Education in Month of May

PALESTINIAN MONITORING GROUP, NEGOTIATIONS AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT , 14 JUNE 2006 The Israeli army carried out 12 incidents of school...
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An-Najah University denied educational equipment

Zajel, An-Najah University, Nablus, 1 June 2006 Since the beginning of the Israeli aggressions against the Palestinian people from...
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Limited Mobility of An-Najah Students ..A Problem, Even Inside the Campus.

Zajel, An-Najah University, Nablus, 26 April 2006 "The continued Israeli harassment of our student population and faculty in the form...
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The Wall – An Obstacle to Educating Palestinian Youth

UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian territories writes in a report that "the quality of education has deteriorated...
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