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Background to the Surda Roadblock

The attractive and well-equipped campus of Birzeit University lies eight kilometers outside of Ramallah along a pastoral country road...
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Map of Surda Roadblock

Map showing the main features of the Surda Roadblock.
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Map of Israeli military positions in relation to Birzeit University

Map showing Birzeit University and the surrounding villages and towns, as well Israeli checkpoints and bases.
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Impact of the Surda Roadblock

Since early March 2001, academic life on the Birzeit University campus in Birzeit, 20 kilometers north of Jerusalem in the West Bank,...
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Eyewitness to War Crimes

Anita Abdullah, Birzeit University, 3 December 2002 "All of a sudden, the soldier started sniping at them and within seconds we saw...
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Thousands of Palestinian Children Denied Access to Schools

Right now the Israeli military is preventing thousands of Palestinian children and teachers from attending school. A generation of...
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Statement in Support of the Right to Education at Birzeit University and for International Protection for Palestinian Civilians

Appeal Statement, International Academics, 15 September 2002 As academics, educators, writers and artists, we are deeply concerned...
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Appeal from Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education on the Occasion of the New School Year 2002-2003

Dr Naim Abu Hommous, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, 28 August 2002 In few days, more than one million Palestinian...
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When the Curfew is Lifted

Tania Nasir, Birzeit University, 6 July 2002 After frustratingly waiting for days on end, I set off from my home in Birzeit heading...
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A Journey to Jerusalem through Tora Bora Land

Islah Jad, Birzeit University, 4 July 2002 Yesterday July the 3rd, we had to make it to Jerusalem. It was an absolute must, as...
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