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Israel deports controversial American academic sympathetic to the Palestinian cause

Israel has refused entry to the controversial Jewish American academic and UN envoy, Richard Falk. Falk flew into Tel Aviv on Sunday...
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PAS student denied entry at being detained and interrogated at Ben Gurion Airport

Rahsad Sisemore is a PAS student who was detained and interrogated at Ben Gurion Airport for 11 hours, from 11.00 am to 10.00 pm on...
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Message from Fulbright scholar to Free Gaza boats

Zohair Abu Shaban, Free Gaza Movement, 24 August 2008 Read the letter written from one of the three Fulbright scholars to the 'Free...
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Gazan recipient of a Fulbright scholarship writes Op-Ed

Fidaa Abed, San Diego Union-Tribune , 15 August 2008 Last week, I landed in Washington, D.C., brimming with optimism. Upon arrival, I...
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Birzeit PAS student denied entry

Rose Espinola , Student, University of Jordan , 29 July 2008 Rose Espinola, an Australian citizen of Palestinian origin, was planning...
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Denying Gaza’s students visas smacks of ‘collective punishment’

WHEN THE Israeli government some weeks ago denied permission to seven Fulbright scholars to leave Gaza to take up their scholarships...
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Palestinian-American Student detained at Ben Gurion Airport

What's a nice, Reed College sophomore doing in detention at Israel's Ben Gurion airport? I ask myself this during the hours I am held....
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Call to Action: Defend the right to enter, study and teach in Palestine

Since the beginning of 2006, many thousands of Palestinian foreign passport holders have been denied entry to visit, work or study in...
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‘I Want to Keep My Wife!’: Husband tries to save his wife who works at Birzeit University

Ghassan Abdullah, My Right To Enter Campaign, 20 December 2006 Israel has decreed that my wife and I can no longer live together. I...
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Door of Re-Entry Shut to Palestinians

Amira Hass, Haaretz, 1 October 2006 Seven months after Swedish citizen Somaida Abbas [who was previously a Birzeit University member...
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