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Ban on Israel-Palestine debate ignites free speech row at French university

International petition calls on Ecole Normale Supérieure to restore 'long history of political expression'. rofessors and...
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Campaigners threaten to picket Israeli Music conference

Groups campaigning for Palestinian human rights has called on academics and musicians to boycott a forthcoming conference on Israeli...
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Students from Bethlehem and Al Quds universities protest excavations in Jerusalem

Several student blocs from Bethlehem University and Al Quds University protested the Israeli destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque's Moroccan...
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No West Bank study for Gaza university students

Gaza university students remain unable to access classrooms in the West Bank, a report fro the Al-Mezan Center for Human rights said...
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Al-Quds University flouts own academic boycott

Al-Quds University is maintaining a joint Israeli-Palestinian master's degree program with Haifa, Hebrew and Tel Aviv universities,...
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Israeli army confiscates truck; children and teachers forced to walk an hour to homes

On Sunday, 20 December 2009, the Israeli army disrupted transportation of children and teachers from Al-Fakheit school to their homes....
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How does Israel decide who gets a visa to Ramallah?

Some visiting scholars receive regular visas, while others receive 'Palestinian Authority only' stamps. Why?
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Israeli soldiers pull students from cars at flying checkpoint near Jenin

Israeli troops detained dozens of students for several hours at a military checkpoint erected near Seida village southwest of Jenin on...
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Storm of student protest over Gaza gathers force

A group of 15 students are sitting at the back of the lecture theatre. Some are wearing scarves associated with the Palestinian...
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A Petition Signed by Academics, Educators and Teachers

A Call to End Suppression by Israel of the Academic Freedom and the Right to Education of Faculty, Educators and Students in Palestine
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