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Right to Education

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Ithaca College hold lecture on defending the right to education in Palestine

Two members of the Ithaca community discussed the barriers to higher education in Palestine yesterday. The lecture titled, "Caged...
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Israel prevent Gazans studying in the West Bank from extending residency permits

Amira Hass, from Haaretz, looks into the discriminationary tactics employed by Israel in order to prevent the right to education in...
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Gazan students unable to study in the West Bank

In the article, Amira Hass from Haaretz, explains, with case studies, how Gazan students are being prevented from studying in the West...
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Defending the right to education in Palestine

An article looking into the issues facing Palestinian students attempting to exercise their right to education under Israeli control.
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International academic conference marred by detention of Gazan participants

A talk by Jamal Zakout, Palestinian Legislative Council member from Gaza on ending the cycle of Israeli-Palestinian violence in light...
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Gazan students forced to lead fugitive lives

In this article, Charles Stratford from Palestine Report, talks to Gazan individuals who explain how they are forced to lead fugitive...
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The Under-reporting of Israel’s Repression of Palestinian Education

Although the media does report on the Israeli imposed internal closures of the West Bank towns, the effects of this closure on...
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