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Defend Omar’s right to education and liberty

The Right to Education Campaign calls on Israel to release or charge the prisoners in Administrative Detention, and not to subject...
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Release prisoners of conscience now!

On Sunday 25th November 2007, the president of Birzeit University's Student Council, Fadi Hamad, was arrested by Israeli military...
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Wave of arrests at Birzeit University

Since January 2008, 16 Birzeit University students and one employee have been arrested by the Israeli army. This comes amongst a wave...
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5 students arrested in Hebron

Palestinian sources in the southern West Bank city of Hebron reported on Wednesday evening (21/5/08) that Israeli soldiers arrested...
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Head of Birzeit University Student Council sentenced to 1yr

Right to Education Campaign, R2E, 8 December 2007 Fadi Hamad, the head of Birzeit University student council has been charged with...
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Head of Birzeit Student Council arrested by Israeli army

Right to Education Campaign, R2E, 26 November 2007 On Sunday 25 November 2007, Israeli military Special Forces abducted Fadi Hamad,...
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5 Birzeit students arrested as Israeli army continues to target student population

Right to Education Campaign, Birzeit University, 1 August 2007 Student arrests, especially those under 'Administrative Detention'...
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The Quandary of the Palestinian Student

Mary Geday , This Week in Palestine, 3 December 2006 Today, approximately 200 students decided that the best immediate response to...
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The Isolation of Palestinian Education

Right to Education Campaign, Birzeit University, 4 September 2006 The systematic obstruction of Palestinian education not only...
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Free Palestinian Minister of Education

News Story, Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education In the night of August 19, 2006, Israeli forces kidnapped H.E.Dr....
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